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Internet bandwidth restricted or capped on Sonicwall NSA 3500 wan interface.

We have 3 wan connections going into a bonder - Bell (200mbps) Rogers (200mbps) and Shaw (150mbps) and then from the bonder into X1 interface of the sonicwal (NSA 3500). From the bonder direct out we are getting about 320mbps (which is not great and we are working with Rogers & Shaw to improve their connections) but from the clients we are only getting a max of 95mbps up and down no matter how many tests we run. I have tried this on the X1 and X2 interface as well as change to the secondary HA unit and I get the same results.

I also plugged in my laptop directly to the Bell connection and was getting about 180 up and down. Plugged into the sonicwall X2 interface and changed my client to use that route and again I was getting a best of 95mbps.

Seems like this problem points to the sonicwall

I have a case open with them but wanted to try and resolve this sooner than later so any help/insight you have would be appreciated!
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