How can I add static text to my drop down project name field?

How can I add text to my drop down query to add "Compl" to the project Name if Status is Completed?

In my query design:
Project Name

Projects have a status of "working" or "completed".
If a project has a status of "completed" how can I add "Compl-" to the project name:
Compl - Replace Shingles on North Side

My attempt: (added statement in criteria in query design view under the ProjectName field)
IIf([Status]="Completed",(&"Compl-"&[Projects]![ProjectName]),([Projects]![ProjectName]) ) ---not working

Also, how can I put the projects with "Compl-" in the bottom of the list?
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Where are you using the IIf()?  It should be in the query used as the RowSource for the combo.

Select SomeID, IIf(Status = "Completed",  ProjectName & "-Comp", ProjectName) As FormattedProjName, fld3, fld4, ...
From YourTable
Order By ProjectName;

I moved the -Comp to the end of ProjectName so it wouldn't interfere with type ahead in the combo.
DJPr0Author Commented:
Thanks Pat,

Can you format for the query builder?
Under what field do I input your IIf statement?
Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:
Can you format for the query builder?
Under what field do I input your IIf statement?
Just switch from the query builder mode to SQL mode (first icon in the ribbon), copy / paste the query and switch back to query builder mode.
Don't forget to use the correct names for the columns.  Just eliminate the extra fields if you only need the two named ones.
DJPr0Author Commented:
Worked Great, Thanks!
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