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Website Conversion to WordPress, I would like to convert to WordPress and was wondering if anyone had a service that they provide or a suggestion how I can achieve this?
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- as a service: many web developer will do it for you for a small charge. That's because it seems like your site is only a few pages. If you want to do it here, start a Gig.

- do it yourself: get free or paid Wordpress hosting, or setup your own server. Choose a nice Wordpress theme (could be free, could be paid), then start setting up the pages. Some lay out issues might occur, that may need special CSS/HTML skill to solve. Header and footer need some work too. After that, you're all done.
AJ1978Author Commented:
Hi do I create on expert Exchange GIG here for the above?
How unfortunate just as I recommended the Gigs function to you that EE decided to (temporarily?) shutdown this function.
So I'll change my recommendation. If possible, try to find a LOCAL web designer/developer with possible high ratings if available. Otherwise, you're back to word of mouth, his portfolio or just trust.
Why LOCAL? Because you can talk to him face to face. Gauge his attitude, passion, honesty. If something goes wrong, you can always visit him. Talk it through. You can force better deals (like, don't pay up front, pay at delivery). If he's in the same spot/office/building for a long time, he's probably there for a reason (you probably can't hold a spot that long if you build a bad reputation).
If you go online (even abroad), you'd better be sure it's a REALLY REALLY good service. It may be cheaper, but can you get in touch with them when you need to?
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