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I'm looking for a way to prevent Windows 10 from downloading updates over a VPN connection, what is the most efficient way to configure the VPN connection as metered? Is it possible to configure a block on an IP range in WSUS?

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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Objecting to closure, because I have a new idea while re-reading the question part "Is it possible to configure a block on an IP range in WSUS?" - surely! Use the firewall at the wsus and create a block rule in the incoming section that blocks access to the scope of your IP range for the wsus ports (normally port 8531). Just what you are looking for.
Shimshey RosenbergSysAdminCommented:
Can't just set it as a metered connection?
Triforce2000Author Commented:
Hi Shimshey

That would require a user interaction and I want it configured by default.

Kind regards

Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Configured "where?" if not by user interaction?
What we do: decide whether the connection is LAN or WAN (=VPN) by looking at the ping latency and simply disable windows update when not inside the LAN. This can be scripted and requires no user interaction.
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