Deliver a shortcut using GPO.


I use the attached GPO to create a URL on some test user desktops.  

I login to a test PC as a test user who is in the required security group used by the GPP.  I see the GPO being received by the test PC but I do not see the shortcut on the desktop.

If someone see the mistake, please advise.  

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nav2567Author Commented:
The variable you used is not resolving

use below variable:
Shimshey RosenbergSysAdminCommented:
When removing item level targeting it works?

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nav2567Author Commented:
I removed item level targeting and it works.  

I need item level targeting to add users to the deploy group in phases.  

Anyone knows how to fix?
Vikas BhatExperienced IT Infrastructure Services/operations ManagerCommented:
Keep the item level targeting and copy it to "C:\Users\Public\Desktop"
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
The variable you used is not resolving

%DesktopDir% is a perfectly valid GPP variable
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Copy and past the item here. Here is a working XML. You can always copy and paste  into your GPO

<Shortcut clsid="{4F2F7C55-2790-433e-8127-0739D1CFA327}" userContext="1" name="Google" status="Google" image="2" changed="2018-03-27 15:43:01" uid="{FFC7CB5B-F552-4595-9D22-E74A246840A8}"><Properties pidl="" targetType="URL" action="U" comment="" shortcutKey="0" startIn="" arguments="" iconIndex="0" targetPath="" iconPath="" window="" shortcutPath="%DesktopDir%\Google"/></Shortcut>
nav2567Author Commented:
Shaun, do you mind to list out the steps?  I am not following what you are showing.
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
  1. Open GPO
  2. Goto the Preference Item, Right-Click copy and paste it into Notepad
  3. Post that text here
nav2567Author Commented:
One thing I do not understand.  If this is a variable issue, how come when I remove item level targeting and I am able to get the shortcut on my desktop?  

I also can get the shortcut on my desktop when I specify users in itemlevel targeting instead of a domain group.  I need to use this domain group to control my roll out.

is the user part of group in same OU as applied GPO?
nav2567Author Commented:
No, it is not.  

We have so many OUs and each represents a regional office.  This shortcut needs to be delivered to all regional offices.  I cannot put the group into an OU.
we don't want group to be added in OU

I asked if user you testing (which is part of group you have targeted) is part of same OU as policy applied?
nav2567Author Commented:
Yes, the user is in the OU.
I have tested policy setting and working correctly

Can you link policy to domain level while keeping your item level targeting to specified group and test ?
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Without you posting the XML I cannot help you
nav2567Author Commented:
Thanks.  It is working now after I restart the computer.
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