SharePoint Calculated Field Formula with Two Checks

I need some guidance on creation of a calculated field column...

I have two columns that should dictate the value in this calculated field

TCV and F01....

If F01 = No the field is blank
If F01 = Yes and TCV GT or = 25000000 the field = CEO/COO
If F01 = Yes and TCV < 25000000 the field = BG Group

=IF(F01="Yes",[TCV]>25000000,"CEO/COO","BG Team")
Matt PinkstonAsked:
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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:

Try this.

=IF([F01]="No", "", IF([F01]="Yes", IF([TCV]>=25000000, "CEO/COO", "GPO")))
Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
tried =IF([F01]="No", "", IF([F01]="Yes", IF([TCV]>=25000000, "CEO/COO", "GPO")))  but got an error saving column
NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
Was there an error message?
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Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
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Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
Backed out and back in then it saved
Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
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