Bulk invite guests to Yammer

Can I invite Yammer guests in Bulk (these are guests not full O365 users) At present there is only an option to invite four people at a time
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Aaron GuilmetteConnect With a Mentor Technology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
For guests, you can actually do it a somewhat sneaky way (this way also works for users):

Go to "Bulk Update Users" in the Yammer Network Admin.

Create a CSV with the columns:
action,email address,full name,job title,password,new email

You can then save it and upload it through the Bulk Users Update panel (Yammer | Network Admin | Bulk Users Update).

After it's processed, go look in the "Invite Guests" area:
In my example, I received the email invitation:
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Just to be clear this is bulk inviting guests not users.
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Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Ok, why am I filling in a password field, I thought the invite looks after that, no?
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
Yes. For external users, fill in the password field. I just didn't want to share mine. :)
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Super work around thank you!
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