Copying a folder with its subfolder using Robocopy

Copying a folder with its subfolder using Robocopy

I have folderA in this path: \\servernameA\sharenameA\folderA
I need to copy it under path \\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB

So that when I go inside \\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB . I shoudl see folderA with all its subfolders and files. in other words the size of folderA in the source should be the same size as in the destination.

Copy /Past did not get the same size.
I would like to use Robocopy. So what are the right switches of Robocopy that can accomplish that ?

Thank you
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Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:
/e      Copies subdirectories. *Note that this option includes empty directories.*
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:

Mirror a directory with subfolders incl. empty directories
/MIR is an option to ROBOCOPY where you mirror a directory tree with all the subfolders including the empty directories and you purge files and folders on the destination server that no longer exists in source.

ROBOCOPY \\sourceserver\share \\destinationserver\share /MIR


ROBOCOPY source-drive:\DIR destination-drive:\DIR /MIR
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:
I know this is a lot of information but here are all the options you have with Robocopy:

Option      Description
/s      Copies subdirectories. Note that this option excludes empty directories.
/e      Copies subdirectories. Note that this option includes empty directories. For additional information, see Remarks.
/lev:<N>      Copies only the top N levels of the source directory tree.
/z      Copies files in Restart mode.
/b      Copies files in Backup mode.
/zb      Uses Restart mode. If access is denied, this option uses Backup mode.
/efsraw      Copies all encrypted files in EFS RAW mode.
/copy:<CopyFlags>      Specifies the file properties to be copied. The following are the valid values for this option:
D Data
A Attributes
T Time stamps
S NTFS access control list (ACL)
O Owner information
U Auditing information
The default value for CopyFlags is DAT (data, attributes, and time stamps).
/dcopy:T      Copies directory time stamps.
/sec      Copies files with security (equivalent to /copy:DAT).
/copyall      Copies all file information (equivalent to /copy:DATSOU).
/nocopy      Copies no file information (useful with /purge).
/secfix      Fixes file security on all files, even skipped ones.
/timfix      Fixes file times on all files, even skipped ones.
/purge      Deletes destination files and directories that no longer exist in the source. For additional information, see Remarks.
/mir      Mirrors a directory tree (equivalent to /e plus /purge). For additional information, see Remarks.
/mov      Moves files, and deletes them from the source after they are copied.
/move      Moves files and directories, and deletes them from the source after they are copied.
/a+:[RASHCNET]      Adds the specified attributes to copied files.
/a-:[RASHCNET]      Removes the specified attributes from copied files.
/create      Creates a directory tree and zero-length files only.
/fat      Creates destination files by using 8.3 character-length FAT file names only.
/256      Turns off support for very long paths (longer than 256 characters).
/mon:<N>      Monitors the source, and runs again when more than N changes are detected.
/mot:<M>      Monitors source, and runs again in M minutes if changes are detected.
/MT[:N]      Creates multi-threaded copies with N threads. N must be an integer between 1 and 128. The default value for N is 8.
The /MT parameter cannot be used with the /IPG and /EFSRAW parameters.
Redirect output using /LOG option for better performance.
Note: The /MT parameter applies to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
/rh:hhmm-hhmm      Specifies run times when new copies may be started.
/pf      Checks run times on a per-file (not per-pass) basis.
/ipg:n      Specifies the inter-packet gap to free bandwidth on slow lines.
/sl      Copies the symbolic link instead of the target.
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jskfanAuthor Commented:
Can you paste the command using my paths and folders that I specified  as an example ?
Thank you
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:
ROBOCOPY \\servernameA\sharenameA\folderA \\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB /MIR
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:
And just a side note, I really like FreeFileSync over Robocopy. My easy to configure and faster in the transfer. And the best part about it is it's free!
The correct syntax would be:
robocopy.exe "\\servernameA\sharenameA\folderA" "\\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB\FolderA" /e /copyall /zb

Open in new window

This will ensure that folderA on server A and all sub folders will get copied under folder on server B with all permissions

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
robocopy.exe "\\servernameA\sharenameA\folderA" "\\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB\FolderA" /e /copyall /zb

when I go to folderB, I see all contents of folderA inside folderB. what I asked for was when I go to folderB, I should find just folderA, then I can open folderA and find all the subfolder and files .
so I have provided command what you have asked for:

I have tested and it working as expected

\\robocopy \\srv1\share1\fd1 \\srv2\share2\fd2\fd1 /copyall /e /zb
The command should copy "fd1" under "fd2"
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Sorry Mahesh,

I guess I typed:
robocopy.exe "\\servernameA\sharenameA\folderA" "\\ServernameB\SharenameB\FolderB\" /e /copyall /zb
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you
NP Sir..

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