Outlook Disconnect Issue

Hey Experts,

I can't get Outlook 2010 (32 bit) SP2 ver 14.0.7194.5000 to connect to in house Exchange Server 2016.  Status is showing Disconnected.  Os is Windows 7 Professional.
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
did you tried removing the account and adding it again?
also, check the account properties (incoming, outgoing) and make ta test in that window.
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
Disconnected status on a working computer reminds me of cached credentials in Credentials Manager, you can try remove them and if still doesn't work then probably try to setup outlook again to see if the auto discover happens.

test if the autodiscovery URL is reachable from the system.
Infotech2008Author Commented:
Yes, created a new Outlook profile.  it was working at first and then stopped.  To get it to work, i had to add Exchange record in hosts file. It disconnects and connects 3  to 4 times a day.   I get event ID 26 logs in event viewer.  Not sure what is causing the problem.
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Infotech2008Author Commented:
I don't see Outlook credentials listed in Windows Credentials
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
can you ping the autodisover url from the host machine ??
Infotech2008Author Commented:
I can ping autodiscover.publicdomain.com but not autodiscover.domain.local.  Should I be able to ping autodiscover.domain.local?
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
Infotech2008Author Commented:
No, not installed.  The only way I get Outlook to connect to Exchange server 2016 is to add Exchange server name and IP address in hosts file.  Will this update resolve the problem?
Infotech2008Author Commented:
Fyi, latest Outlook version work find.  The issue is only with Outlook 2010 SP2.
Infotech2008Author Commented:
When attempted to install KB2965295, I get a popup that says "The update is already installed on this system."
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
i dont think its an update issue, as you mentioned its works when you add the server name and ip into host file.

can you do an autodiscover test from the outlook??  and let us know if thats get successful?
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
It sounds like an auto discover issue.  How is autodiscover configured?  If you Ctrl-right click the outlook icon in the system tray and go through test email autoconfig, what happens?
Infotech2008Author Commented:
I successfully tested the autodiscover by Ctrl+Right Click Outlook icon and select Test Email AutoConfiguration.  When I logged into the computer this morning, Outlook was disconnected.  When closed and reopened Outlook, it connected to the Exchange server.
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
glad it worked probably there was some issue with autodiscovery from your system which resolves, that's why now you are connected.
Infotech2008Author Commented:
here is what i found.  After I rebooted user PC and launched Outlook, It hangs on loading pofile.  During loading profile, I checked the Arp by running arp -a from command prompt.  It does not show Exchange IP address and when I run command ipconfig/flushdns, Outlook loads up and connects to Exchange.  I ran Arp -a again and this time I see Exchange IP address.  What are your thoughts?
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
Maybe check and see if you have more than one A or CNAME record pointing to Exchange?

Outlook goes through a prescribed lookup order, starting with SCP lookups.  You may want to investigate all of the lookup queries:


Infotech2008Author Commented:
I found the problem.  The issue was DNS related.  DHCP was pushing local DNS along with two public DNS.  When resolving computer name to IP address, I assumed it would use local DNS and in DNS order.  I found out that it doesn't use DNS servers in order.  Outlook was connecting sometimes and other times disconnected.  Autodiscover was resolving using public DNS address instead of local DNS.  Although local DNS was setup as a primary DNS in DHCP.

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Infotech2008Author Commented:
I found and resolved the issue.
pankaj singhCommented:
This issue is similar and can be resolved as per below:

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