Recursive function

I am trying to write a recursive function in fortran that sums numberes 1 to n? I just need help with the function, I understand how to call from the main program...Thanks!
Cynthia JoubiAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Many (I would venture to say, most) versions of FORTRAN do not support recursion.  Recursion was first supported in FORTRAN 90, and in the real world not in all F90 implementations.  First check the reference manual for the particular FORTRAN compiler to see if recursion is supported.

If recursion is supported, then:

sum(n) = n + sum(n-1)
sum(0) = 0
Cynthia JoubiAuthor Commented:
For the version that I am using, the recursion function seems to work.
So when I try to write the recursive function, the Sum(n) is the function or is that the result?
I know that the recursive function calls on itself, but is the Sum(n) the function?

I was going to go about it this way:

recursive function Sumofnumbers(n) result(res)
      implicit none

      integer :: res, n, i
      if (n .eq. 0) then
            res = 0
            do i = 1, n
            res = Sumofnumbers(n) + n
            end do
end function Sumofnumbers

But I don't seem to get the right sum...
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Consider this pseudo-code example instead, which more clearly demonstrates recursion:

integer function sum(input)
if (input ?= 0) then
  sum = 0
  sum = input + sum(input-1)
end if

Note that if this example is fed a negative integer, overflows will occur.

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Cynthia JoubiAuthor Commented:
Thank you Dr. Klahn! I am going to close this question, but I appreciate the help and I got my recursive code to finally work! Best, Cynthia.
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