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Hosting Wordpress on our own servers- how hard is it?

I am doing website management for a company that is growing quickly. They prefer wordpress and a divi theme for all the websites. They will be adding a lot more websites with a lot of products over the next year, and because we've had problems with hosting companies, they are thinking of hosting the websites themselves.

I know that I have zero server knowledge or experience, and they are asking my opinion. I thought maybe a company like could help.

Any thoughts?  How difficult would this be? Who would he need to hire to manage the servers?   What programs would need to be on them to allow the databases and other necessities for wordpress?  Does it need to be Apache? Could it be Linus servers?  And other questions I'm sure you'll anticipate and answer. Thanks.
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Any suggestions for a company who could manage the servers?
Bluehost: has been known to offer great hosting for Wordpress sites.
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I use for my dedicated box and also use Plesk panel. Plesk has a feature that makes managing  wordpress very easy.  Plus, the support at Liquidweb has been very good which is why I have been with them for a very  long time.

They have a new service just for managed wordpress  If you are working with multiple sites, it is worth checking out.  

Where hosting can look like a commodity, for me the the support via ticket, email or phone keeps me there.
I also use Blue Host, , they also have technical support people that can guide you.
Bluehost is our current problem. I called last week to say sites were very slow, and I first started calling them last week, and they told me the first day that they were working on the servers. Next day they said there was no problem, it had to be on our end. After working with GTMetrix, I established that we were fine. Then they looked more closely yesterday and said the problem was with another user bogging down the server. Today they said they’d get to the ticket today, and it could take 48-72 more hours. Now the sites are down.

They answer the phone quickly and resolve small issues well, but given any serious issues they are flippant and unhelpful.
I'm really sorry to hear that.  I have not had any issues over the past 15 years but trust me, it does not surprise me.  When you find a better solution, please post for my edification.
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I had quite a few bad experiences with GoDadday in past years. Recently I had a speed issue on one site and had to fire up a quick site. GoDaddy has a phenomenal WordPress hosting offer with impressive management and it is super fast. It even tells you what plugins makes your site slow
Ironically, we moved to Bluehost because the speed at Godaddy was so bad. :(
Scott Fell, You say: I have run into some hairy situations and LW has come through.

What is LW? Thanks.
> What is LW?

Liquide Web
Ironically, we moved to Bluehost because the speed at Godaddy was so bad. :(
Was it their Managed WordPress offering or legacy hosting?
It would have been legacy hosting, I believe.
Thanks to everyone for your input, it has been interesting and informative reading the comments.
Your original question was about hosting can very easily do this if you are prepared to configure firewall and implement proper security. You can deploy using xampp. It contains PHP, MySQL, PHPAdmin and of course, a webserver. WIndows has IIS but you would have to install php, etc. XAMPP includes everything and for free and quite easy to implement.
Obviously, you would need the proper infrastructure (backups, bandwidth, etc) and access to your DNS Zone and firewall for all the redirections.
There are way too many hosting companies to recommend just one. iWeb (funio), for example, has many options, including a shared environment and stand-alone servers for just your use. There WP starter package is like $3.49/month and they provide you with one-click installers and quite easy to install WP via the cpanel.
Thanks- you're quite right, that was my question. Much appreciated. I think, from what I see, Scott's answer of pleskdesk would help as well.