VEEAM Repository recommendations.

efficient offsite Reposotrity for Veeam 5TB of data. Currently using 2 buffalo Terastations but not efficient, Space is limited. I was thinking of a MSA2400 with dual controllers for redundancy. What you think?
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
we run a data domain, works fine for our needs.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Currently using 2 buffalo Terastations but not efficient, Define efficient.  Terastations vary widely across the line of products.. sorta like saying i have a ford vehicle but it is not efficient..

You should have 2 devices for redundancy no matter what you chose. Suggest also 10G or higher between the 2 devices
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:

Can you describe a bit more your environment?

You have your internal/local backups and also a offsite Repository? You want to replace your offsite repository?

Offside repository is just a static repository. You don't need to use that repository in the daily backup/restore. Can even be a Server with local disks, no need to have any special requirements. Just need to be reliable and that is data is in good shape when you will need it.

Even MSA2400 is not one of my favorite, it can do the job properly.

But always verify your backups for guarantee the recoverability of your data.

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IBSITAuthor Commented:
Local SAN with offsite backup currently to 2 NAS 6TB each, I would like to increase my space and also have the capacity for growth. I am connected offsite via air fiber. to transmit Data.
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:
Question i: Is your offsite repository the only Backup repository, or is just a 2nd repository?

You have your main Backup Repository locally and then a secondary Backup Repository offsite?

Because like I said, if is to use as a daily backup/restore work is something. If is just to be use as a secondary backup repository in case of main backup repository failure, is another.
IBSITAuthor Commented:
ITs the ONLY Backup Repositories of our SAN
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:

Any particular reason to have your main backup repository offsite?

In that case yes you need to have more attention to the requirements of the Storage. Even a repository can be a server with local disks (we same and work without any issues).

We have Veeam servers with old PS4000 EqualLogic as a Backup repository. We other with QNAP and other local disks and even one is using a MSA (cannot remember the model).

All work ok without any issues. Of course when we need to backup, or restore, some as faster than others. But all work ok.

And I talking about minimum of 25/30tb for some, and other mores than 50Tb of data to backup.

So if you have a MSA24000 that can be reuse as a Veeam Backup Repository, don't see any issues.
IBSITAuthor Commented:
"Any particular reason to have your main backup repository offsite?" I am assuming that there is a primary backup onsite and an offsite is normal practice.

A more efficient backup solution would be the better question then. I just feel like i need to have system that i can add drives as needed to accommoate growth.
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