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I have an older HP server ML350 G6 still in production.  I have a drive out on the 6-drive RAID5 (the lights are green but faint).  In looking for a spare I ran across 3 potential replacement drives in the lab. BUT they are not identical and Im not sure if they are recommended to attempt to replace.  The drives in use are 72gb 15k 6G.  The one replacement I have is brand new but it is 72gb 15k G3. Would this matter in this config? Could I use it without incident?  The other 2 drives are old used server drives on hand. They are both 72gb 15k but there is no G6 or G3 labeling.  Same question on those - would they be acceptable replacement for the failed drive?
cobmoIT ManagerAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It'll rebuild and work OK with the 3Gb disk, the transfer rate for that disk will be a tad slower but the drives can't use all 3Gb anyway let alone 6Gb of bandwidth.

If it does not say any transfer speed it will be 3Gb, they didn't specify on initial 3Gb drives because that's all that was available at that time.
cobmoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I swapped it out. Its rebuilding now. Thank you.
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