How to back up WhatsApp files?


I have a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S4).
I will be in travelling, and I am not able to bring my computer.
I use the WhatApps (=WA) application for chatting (daily basis); I usually move the files from WA (Video, audio and picture) to my computer every day.

Question: Is there any device that I can use to move the above files every day (Note: I am not able to bring my laptop).

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Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerCommented:
You could use a cloud storage software such as the Dropbox or Google Drive app. Both will let you find files on your storage (like your SD cloud) and copy them to your cloud storage space. Should be more than enough free space from either of them to make quite a lot of backups until you get home.
Vijaya KumarCommented:
Go to WhatsApp folder zip the folder and upload in your gmail drive or some cloud...
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