Change Active Directory CN without recreating account

To change an Active Directory CN without recreating the account for one user account; In "Active Directory Users and Computers" we can Right click on the user in AD and select "Rename" we will be prompted for all appropriate fields to rename.

this methode is good if I want to change one user account but we need to change several account (1000) for that please I need a script (powershell or Vbs) to change the CN attribute for a list of users accounts (.csv) from lowercase (user01) to uppercase (USER01).

For example,
Change the CN of this sAMAccountName
Csv file:

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footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use this.
Import-Csv file.csv | ForEach `
    Get-ADUser $_.samAccountName |
     Rename-ADObject -NewName "$(($"

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It assumes headers of "samaccountname" and "cn" in the .CSV.  If you're using a delimiter other than a comma, you can specify it with the -Delimiter parameter of Import-CSV.
DRRAMAuthor Commented:
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