Problem executing callback function using Ribben in Access

I had this question after viewing How to load custom images in Access 2007 ribbon.
I have already a customized ribbon but in search for the use of custom pictures I implemented the solution in this answer. I copy and paste both, the Ribbon XML in to the my Ribbon XML and also the VBA code in the module. I have given it, it's own module with the same name.
Working with ACCESS2010, my custom Ribbon stil works, but when I choose the added tab with the custom picture I get an error message.

"myDataBaseName can not execute callback function onGetImage"

Please advise
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Fabrice LambertConnect With a Mentor Fabrice LambertCommented:
After looking at your database, you are missing the Microsoft Office Object Library reference.

Plus Ribbon Creation Wizard reported 2 errors:
Element splitButton(FileSaveAsMenuAccess) must contain at least 1 element of type : (button, toggleButton)
Element splitButton(FileSaveAsMenuAccess) must contain at least 1 element of type : (menu)
Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:

First, when working with ribbons, you should not write the XML by hand, but use tools that will do the work for you, such as:
- Ribbon Creator:
- Ribbon creation wizard:

Second, is your callback function properly defined ? In a standard module ?

Last, uploading your database (with anonymized or dummy data) might help.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
It's hard to tell, what's missing without sample..

here's my reference implementation.

And as Fabrice already pointed out: Writing the ribbon XML by hand is problematic to get right. Even when it is well-formed and valid, it does not necessarily works. Here you need patience and a lot of trial and error.
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jkruijtAuthor Commented:
Hi Fabrice,

Ofcourse it is more usefull to handle a Ribbon with a Ribben developer tool. But at this point I have an working solution and I only try to add a custom picture to a singel button.
I have added a sample data base with the working Ribbon. The last tab is giving me trubbles with the custom picture.

ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
As Fabrice already posted: How should it work without LoadPicture() method?

And why didn't you look at my sample?  Use a global image load callback.

btw, use Option Explicit. Add it to every existing code-behind and module. Activate it to be added automatically for new code files in the VBA IDE under Tools\Options\Require Variable Declaration. Also use error handling.
jkruijtAuthor Commented:
Hi ste5an,
the ribbon just works fine only the picture for the button does not show. Instead of that, the message: "myDataBase can not execute callback function onGetImage".
With respect to your solution, I find it a bit difficult solution for a problem that should be solved in a more simple matter.
jkruijtAuthor Commented:
@Fabrice: indeed, that is the problem. I did not had a reference to the Microsoft Office Object Library.
ThX! It is working now.
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