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I just installed MS SQL Server 2012 on my new Windows 10 Pro PC. When I started Management Studio, a new folder was automatically created in my PC's Document folder. The folder is > This PC > Documents > SQL Server Management Studio. It also created a Settings and a Templates sub folder within the SQL Server Management Studio folder.

Is there a way to modify the location of those folders? I'd like to keep them and all other like folders in This PC > Documents > Application Settings. So the SSMS folder would be PC > Documents > Application Settings > SQL Server Management Studio.

So far, I'm unable to figure out how to do that.

Any ideas?
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Tiborg GuaranaIT beginsCommented:
You can try with this

Locate C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\Extensions\Application

Close SSMS
Open ssms.application.pkgdef with text editor(e.g. Notepad)
Change the value of DefaultProjectsLocation
"DefaultProjectsLocation"="$MyDocuments$\SQL Server Management Studio"
Save the file
cbridgmanAuthor Commented:
That did not work. I had to go into the registry and make modifications and even that didn't do the trick completely. I think I will give up for now. I may come back to this at some point.

Thanks for your help in the meantime.
cbridgmanAuthor Commented:
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