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Hi, I'm using Dreamweaver and my site will post on my localhost just fine, but how I do connect to my remote site (company domain)?  What do I need to change my URLs to?  Thanks in advance :)
server folder: c:\xampp\htdocs\tester\
My web URL: http://localhost/tester/
Misty CorningAsked:
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Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Do you have a domain registered and do you have firewall rules in place? Are you hosting internally or externally

If externally you'll need to register the domain and then upload the site via FTP
Misty CorningAuthor Commented:
internally.  How do I have the firewall rules in place?
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
So, localhost is just the name associated with in a dns HOST file on your computer. When you publish to a remote server this is replaced with a domain name, e.g. .

Your access to localhost is a drive and folder location

You access on the remote system will need to be via an application that has protocols, like scp, ftp, etc.. On Windows I like to use WinSCP, to accomplish this. Note the difference is a username and password will be needed for access.

Please ask for any more clarfication.
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Omar SoudaniSenior System EngineerCommented:
Check this out on how to create a remote connection in dreamweaver:

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Martin MillerCTOCommented:
Yes, Dreamweaver has built-in publish capability to remote servers... if the protocol is supported, e.g. FTP.

You will need the domain name, or IP Address,  username and password, linked to an account for that domain. You will need to verify the directory paths before you automatcally upload file.
Misty CorningAuthor Commented:
ok, so I need the configurations for my FTP, correct?  I already uploaded the file to my remote server and have my URL
Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Is this in a company or at home?
Misty CorningAuthor Commented:
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
Yes, all you need is the FTP info, and the target DOCUMENT ROOT (docroot) folder on the remote server to publish to.
Misty CorningAuthor Commented:
Do I need filezilla, or is Dreamweaver all I need?
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
Dreamweaver has FTP and SFTP  built in.  

If you need additional assistance, feel free to ask.
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
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