GPO to prioritize wired network connection over wifi, regardless of connection speeds?

Hi All,

I have a bunch of Win 8.1 Prof. computers at a school on a SBS2008 R2 domain environment.  I am looking for a way (preferably a GPO) to force Windows to always use a wired ethernet network connection over wifi, even if wifi connection is rated as being faster (e.g. AC wifi = 300 Mbps, wired ethernet = 100 Mbps).  It would be too long of a story to tell you the weird things that started happening once some of the computers got their wifi joined to the school's SSID.  The oddities go away if I simply disable wifi on each computer.  But that's obviously not desirable, as there will be times that they are not connected via wire and really will need wifi at those times...

I could have sworn I made a domain GPO for a client many years ago (over 10 yrs), but I can't find any notes on what I did...

Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Asked:
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Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
Thanks for the info Craig!  But that GPO doesn't seem like a good fit for us, as wifi connections at the school ARE part of the domain, just liked wired connections.  Need a way (GPO preferably) to force wired connections over wifi, regardless of connection speeds, in a domain environment with SBS2008 and Win8.1 and Win7 clients.
Craig BeckCommented:
Juat wondering, why do you need wifi and wired connections simultaneously?
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Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
They don’t need both wired and WiFi at same time.  But there are cases where say a staff member is away from their desk, so they use WiFi.  Later they come back to desk and dock their laptop, which has a wired connection.  Then WinDOZE gets real confused:)
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok roger that.

There's a TechNet script which might help...
Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
I’ll take a look later and check it out - thanks!  Another option would be to assign a higher priority, or metric, to the wired LAN vs WiFi.  I think it can be done if one creates separate scopes for wired vs WiFi in their DHCP server.  But it’s still frustrating me that I can’t remember the GPO solution I used many years ago - probably on a Win 2000 or 2003 server.  And it was a standard setting - I didn’t have to download any templates.  But where was it?
Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
I could not find a GPO that could be used on a domain to prioritize the wired ethernet NIC over Wi-Fi NIC.  But, I did find a cool command line utility (NVSPBIND) that allows one to move a NIC to the top of the binding order (for a specified protocol).  So I'll just use my remote management tools (Kaseya in my case) to execute the following one command line - which moved the wired Ethernet NIC to the top of the binding order list (for TCP/IP):

nvspbind /++ Ethernet ms_tcpip

Utility can be downloaded at this link:    (I tried pasting it using this site's link tool, but didn't work - displayed blank)

I downloaded the 64 bit package, unpacked it, then tested it on a Dell AIO computer running Windows 8.1 Professional.

Hope this helps others in the same boat...

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Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
Command line tool to prioritize wired ethernet NIC over WiFi, or vice versa...
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