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Xenapp for dmz

I have an application server in dmz and database in nside zone.now i want to use xenapp to publish this application to my out side users.what should be the xenapp component design best practice and is ssl certificate is mandatory.please explain the design and
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... it depends ...
- you can build a xenapp environment within you DMZ (or a dedicated second DMZ) ... already build with own Domain, broker, Storefront, 2FA ...
- you can use (or build) your internal XenApp environment (within your LAN and AD)
- you need a NetScaler gateway within the DMZ (or VPN) to allow access to the environment
 placement, sizing, redundancy, security levels, design, ... depends from your needs, internal design, security rules you have to follow, ...
kastro AbbasiIT consultant


i have already xenapp 7.6 server running with delivery controller store front on 2 servers.internal users can view the published web application.
Now i want some external users to access the webapp using xenapp.VPN is not an option.
as there are lot of options like netscalar gate way , Netsalar VPX .....
what is the best option and minimal configuration.
netScaler Gateway is the simplest option to publish XenApp.
netScaler free is bandwidth limited and you have to renew the free license every year.

booth are options for you ... i think
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