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Gps apps find another person

jana asked
There a lots of gps apps, but usually they are more for cars & vehicles.  We are looking for one that can we can find each other within a mall or a department store.  Any EE knows of any good ones?
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GroupMe, TeamSnap has GPS linked, also Facebook & Tile..., but inside... GPS can be blocked... so Tile, which uses blue tooth to find things can be helpful.
I am looking for something like Zenly, but that can find the other person within a Mall.  If I use Zenly in a mall both person are displayed ok the same point.  I also tried Apple’s Find My Friends, but again, not that accurate when within a mall.


I don't think it has been answered.

I am looking for an apps that uses GPS or similar technology to find a person within close parameters like in feets away.  In other words maybe more accurate than apps that are standard GPS.

Hope I am transmitting what we are looking for.

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