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As our company's IT support person, I broadcast a lot of emails to our domain users.  I've set up Distribution Groups on our Exchange Server for different departments.  Most of the personnel in these departments are deskbound for much of the workday; so, they would see/open these emails.  However, our Service Department's end users (who have laptops) work on cars/trucks/tractors/equipment; so, they are not necessarily close enough to their laptops to be aware of emails that are delivered to their Outlook Inbox.
However, these same employees always have their cell phones on their person.
Is there a way for me to send an email that I compose on my own Outlook client and broadcast this email AS A TEXT MESSAGE to be received on those end users' cell phones?  That is, to ALL members of a Distribution Group?
I'm aware this works on an individual basis by sending the email to:    as in: (for Verizon)
I need to use this method to send to a Distribution Group.
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Hi baleman2,

Apologies for being slow to get back to you - not sure how I missed this.

Anyway, in order to add the external email phone contact, you need to add it as a 'contact' in Exchange.

Depending on which version of Exchange you have, it might be slightly different, but look for 'Mail Contact' under 'Recipient Configuration' in the Exchange Management Console, or if you prefer, you can do it using PowerShell:

Once you have added the external address as a mail contact, you shouldd be able to add it to a distribution group.

Hope that helps,


Why don't you put all those numbers, such as:

into a distribution group.

You could then add that group as a sub-group of one or more others that you are already using to send the emails.

baleman2Author Commented:
I create and add members to a Distribution Group on our Exchange Server.  When I click on "Add" in order to add a new member to a DG, I'm presented with an Address List of all our valid domain users who have email accounts.  In this window, at least, I'm not able to key in a number as you suggested.
baleman2Author Commented:
Worked like a charm - Thanks!
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