Static Route configuration on ASA Firewall

I have attached a simple diagram on what i have.
Essentially on a Cisco ASA i am trying to create a static route to another router.
For this reference i will call the Cisco ASA Router A
On router A we have our LAN interface which is on a /24
We have PCs on this network.
There is a uplink to another router B.
Router B has a IP of

Then Router B has a subnet of

To me it appears it be a issue on the Router A configuration.
Here is my testing.

Test 1:
If i do a PING from Client B to Client A. ( =>  I run a wireshark on client A.  I see ICMP traffic coming in, and responses going out.  But a wireshark on Client B does not show the response.
In this same test i have ran a capture on Router B eth0/1 and i do not see the response.
This woudl lead me to believe that Router A is dropping the response.

Test 2:  
If i do a PING from client B to Router A. ( => Responds correct.

Test 3:
If i do a PING from Router A to client B ( => Responds correct.

What could i be missing in my configuration?

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According to your drawing route on Router A supposed to be:
route inside 1
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that. That was a typo on the diagram.  Diagram has been updated.
Is ICMP inspected? If it is not, ICMP should be permitted in opposite direction.
access-group outboundtraffic in interface inside

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tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Figured it out.
Added these two lines to the attached config. Once these were in things took off.

access-list bypassnat extended permit ip
nat (inside) 0 access-list bypassnat

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tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Figured out solution.
Posted solution.
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