Windows 7 Image restore, get EFI/BIOS error

Windows 7, trying to restore a system image. I get the error "Windows cannot restore a system image to a computer that has different firmware. The system image was created on a computer using EFI and this computer is using BIOS."  I have been having system problems with a Windows 7 install and decided to replace the C drive. I made an image copy onto the D drive, replaced the C drive with a new one, put in a Windows 7 repair disk, booted, and tried to restore a system image. I get the above message.

Everything I find on the internet says to go in and change your bios settings to EFI. I couldn't find the setting to change to EFI. There isn't one. I found a screen that shows EFI devices and traditional devices, but there are no EFI devices this list. I just don't get this.

I put the old C drive back in, rebooted, and made another Windows 7 repair disk. Please note that when I use the new repair disk, in my BIOS settings I see the DVD shown as one of the EFI devices in the list. However, the CD does not boot. I get a non-system disk message. I tried it on another PC, it fails there also. I burned another CD, same problem.

I'm not sure this matters but about a week ago I decided to restore from a system image. The repair disk failed, something about formatting the disk. I solved this problem by booting a windows media DVD and let it partition/format my C drive. I stopped the Windows install and rebooted my repair disk, then restored the system image (a different system image than I have now). I wonder if it is causing this problem.

I apologize, I don't know what to do here. I still have the old disk, so I can put it back in and do things if needed. But I am having problems with this hard drive and need to replace it soon.

Do I need to format the new Hard drive a certain way to make the image restore work?
Is there a reason the newly made repair disk doesn't boot (BIOS settings, etc.)?
Can I make another image backup a different way so it restores?

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
is the current disk gpt or mbr ?  if there is no asterisk * under gpt when you run diskpart<enter> list disk <enter> then you have to boot from normal MBR if it is GPT then you must boot UEFI, on many machines you have to hit F2 or F8 on system boot to boot from the appropriate boot loader

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i need more info :
what system model is this??
and what software was used for the imaging?
MikeBroderickAuthor Commented:
The PC is an HP Pavilion P7-1235. I used the Windows 7 Backup's Image Copy (ctrl panel, Backup & Rest, create sys img) to make the image.

When I run DISKPART, LIST DISK, my original, going bad disk has a * under GPT. The new disk doesn't.
When you say press F2 or F8 to get the appropriate boot loader, are you talking about when booting from the repair disk (the one that gave me a system error)?
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personally i never used the inbuilt windows too l for imaging; i Always have used the free paragon software :
give it a try :
Alicia VentureCommented:
I need to visit site for my study, but after I restore Windows 7, I can't get to the sites when use Chrome browser. Does anybody knows the reason? I need your help.
Alicia - if you have a question, plese post a separate Q
MikeBroderickAuthor Commented:
I used a disk copy utility to copy my failing drive onto another disk. I used a partition manager to change the C disk back to MBR. I booted, ran chkdsk, and made a new system image backup. All is well.

Apparently Windows Image Backup makes its recovery CD and the image file based on your boot disk's type. Also, My PC seems to not be able to boot an EFI CD, I assume it needs a bios update though HP doesn't show any since 2012 (time for a new PC?). My motherboard is at V7.07 and 8 is out, but it is only available for another model and I'm not ready to do that yet. I didn't realize Windows repair disks are machine dependent, so I was using a "generic" one.
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william bradleyWriting ExpertCommented:
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