is League of Legends networking an RTS server?

I am not certain if League of Legends is an RTS type network server, or an FPS? The player movements are well spaced out, so I'd think RTS

In Summoner's rift, is it only 5 people/champions playing? Is that the practical limit on players, in most network games?

If I port my working Java RTS server that I finished a little while ago to Python, could I expect any performance shift? It is TCP messaging, with UDP duplicates sent afterwards for speed.

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Re LoL does it matter? It could be called both, but it’s certainly not turn-based.

5 players is how Summoner’s Rift is written (5 vs. 5) that’s certainly not down to a server limitation - see Fortnite which handles 100 players in Battle Royale - although it uses a number of clever programming tricks to reduce load.

Performance shift, yes, won’t be identical but could go up or down depending on your port - actual packet exchange won’t affect this though.
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