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Hi Experts.  I have a customer that is a call center for dental offices.   A dental office can subscribe to the service monthly.  This service takes the calls from dental patients and schedules the exam for them.   This service currently places a PC at each dental office that they remote to and get into whatever database they have for that dental office.   There is no common database that all the dental offices use to schedule appointments with.   So this service uses GoToMyPC to access the dental practice they are scheduling for.  It generally works ok until by chance 2 different customers call in at the same time and need to book appointments for the same dental practice.  With only 1 pc there that has the GoToMyPc, they have to have the customer hold until the other service rep is done, then they can remote to that same PC and schedule it.    

The whole purpose of this service, is to eliminate that front desk person who is just taking calls for the practice.  It save the practice money.

So the question is, is there another program that could be used to be able to remote into 1 pc, by more than 1 person at a time?   Setup multiple users on the pc could happen.   Ideally, what would work best is that all of the different dental software people somehow share their scheduling platform somehow to the web, but I don't see that happening.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAsked:
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I would use screenconnect personally I have used this product for many years in every business from Managed Services to healthcare, as well as Public Utility Companies and it has performed flawlessly every time.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
It appears that connectwise can be an alternative to GoToMyPc, but I don't think it helps me with my issue.

Missed that.. The only way I can think to facilitate the access you need is possibly to have A version of windows 10 Professional on that machine with 2 or more virtual machines running under Hyper-V.. If you then setup GoToMyPC or ScreenConnect on those virtual machines then you would facilitate your needs.
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Leave the Host Computer Free and Remove GoToMyPC access to it and just use the Hyper-V hosts as your access points. This is safer as well and leaves you a management portal into that side of the network in an emergency as well as shortens restore times with DR if done correctly.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
While I agree with using ScreenConnect over GoToMyPC, it doesn't address the issue.  ScreenConnect has the same limitation.

Short of having a common scheduling platform, the only option is to have a Windows Server at each location that allows multiple connections... OR a second PC.  And server option would likely require a VPN so that you could use RDP to connect in as there's no way to share a console session.  The server option would cost at least $900 plus RDS and Windows CALs (~$150 EACH, and you'd need one for each computer used by the call center (in this case, per device is likely cheaper than per user)).

There MAY be a solution coming to Windows 10...
But keep in mind, this was rumored before (in Windows 7 - a DLL was even in earlier testing service packs) and later pulled... so no guarantees this EVER arrives...
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
Can you give me more info on the Hyper-V host?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Start adding VMs of Windows 10 and you start needing VDI licenses - which is MORE EXPENSIVE than RDS long term and requires a MONTHLY fee or Software Assurance on Windows.

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ok, something was nagging at me so I decided to call My Microsoft Rep for this question..

You can license this 2 ways.

1. you can purchase 3 (Retail Licenses) like originally thought and license each of the machines individually.
Windows 10 PRO according to my rep "Does not care* whether the machine is physical or virtual.
2. You can purchase 1 retail and 2 VDA license as was said by @Lee at the cost of $112.44/Year approx. per license(VDA). If you go the Volume License way (Minimum of 5 license)

If you would like to check this call
Microsoft Customer service: +1 800-642-7676 ask to get to the Pro Support Team
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Considering that a License is a legal contract, I would recommend any phone conversation (and any advice in a forum) is not considered binding - get it in writing before you consider yourself safe.  Legal costs in a civil dispute over violating a license agreement - even if you win - can be VERY expensive.

I would agree with that statement it allows you to cover your posterior.

However, it is a pretty safe bet that when you call Microsoft Directly and speak to their Corporate Volume License Sales team that they have a pretty good idea what is going on. But ya, please feel free to call the number I presented above and speak with them yourself.

On a side note, I called Microsoft because I was curious about this myself. @Lee brought up something about the licensing model I was unsure about so Instead of passing false or less than factual information though this forum I decided to call and see what the Microsoft Corporate Licensing Team had to say about it. be that as it may, he is correct, there is a "chance" that the rep fed me a line of crap, just not a very good one.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I called a distributor for getting a copy of Windows 10 Pro and for a Dell computer and was told just buy an OEM copy, Microsoft doesn't enforce that restriction.  Maybe... until they do.  If they really didn't care, they wouldn't put it in the agreement...

Awesome News! You were given the same information as me from Microsoft.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the input guys.   I will have to see if one of these solutions will work.
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