Google warns that newly created HTTPS site is not safe

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I have just helped a customer moving their webshop from HTTP to HTTPS.
Unfortunalely Google keeps claiming, that this site is not safe!
I can confirm that it is in fact HTTPS.
The address is:
can anyone tell me what the problem is?
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Unais AshrafIT Technician

I've Checked It Its Working Fine.


???? not here!! its stills warn that page is not safe??
Works fine on my end... Notice that your ssl certificate is going to expire by the end of April 2018.
Have you tried clearing your browser cache or trying an incognito windows to see what results you get.
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Dear Adelaido Jimenez :-) Boy do I feel STUPID!! I cleared cache and it worked - sorry and thanks
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SSL testing shows an A (not A+ or A++)...  So the SSL side is reasonable, but can be enhanced.

HSTS is only one hour, that should be >180 days.  - this is far too short.
It seems there are some weak encryptions enabled.
Possibly DH settings is missing.

THis test doesn't show  if there are some HTTP://xxxx/ links to external resources, those should be changed to HTTPS as well.

It works fine for me.

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