Tracking Read Events on previously sent emails

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Tracking Read events on emails

I am in the process of switching an email account associated with my CRM, but that CRM tells me when users have opened emails that I sent from the CRM.

Once I switch my email account, I will not be able to see those receipts.

Is there another tool, like MailGun, which can notify me of Read Events, even though I plan to no longer use that email account?

In other words, any Read Event will be for an email I sent weeks or months prior to setting up on MailGun, or some other tool.

Is this information lost for good?

Or is there a way for me to capture these events?

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Rather a vague question... No details, no product names, apart from MailGun, which I never used anyway, just "CRM" and that's it...

So, Read Events? Do you mean when some external mail user opens a mail you sent over the internet to his mail box? If you want to get a notification, you have to rely upon the assistance of the mail client and mail environment of the external user. In the old days, return receipts used to be generated when requested, but that time has long since gone, ever since spammers started to exploit flaws in this return receipts.

My conclusion: forget it. You may try to request return receipts in the mails you send, but it is up to the receiver to honour your request. I guess that less than 1% of all mail servers will generate a return receipt.

Unless of course you refer to internal users only, on the same mail environment as you, fully configurable by your administrators.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


Thanks. I had no idea I was getting only 1 percent. I will move on to fry bigger fish. Thanks.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

You're welcome. :-)

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