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We have multi sites AD environment . We currently have Exchange2010 in a site and trying install Exchange2016 on an another site.
We are getting error for schema-master when we try to /prepschema. That is, the setup on the new Exchange to be server can not reach the schema-master.
We checked AD replication status and they all good.
1. I am thinking of running Schema master prep at the DC which hold the schema master role, is it something advisable?
2. or it it better to move the schema master to the same site as the Exchange to be, only my concern is that what would happen to the existing Exchange 2010?
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As already stated u can update exchange schema on dc holding schema master role including preparead and preparedomain as well
after that install exchange 2016 in any ad site boundary having global catalog server
what is reason u don't want to install exchange 2016 in same site as exchange 2010
I don't see any restrictions requirements from Microsoft side to do this, if you have any valid point, do you?
there must be some misconception
install exchange 2016 in same ad site as schema master server
nothing happen wrong with exchange 2010
Note that you should have exchange 2010, schema master and exchange 2016 in same ad site preferably in same network subnet to avoid issues at least to introduce exchange 2016 smoothly
You also can update schema on dc holding schema role or exchange setup will take care of that
sara2000Author Commented:
Exchange installation does not take care, it is my problem.
1. We do not want to install Exchange at same site as where Exchange 2010 resides.
2. There is only one schema-master in the AD so it can be at a Exchnage 2010 site or 2016 site, not either.
I think , I have only option left to move the schema master to new site or use Exchange cd at the DC which hold schema master to update the schema #setup.exe /ps
I want the experts opinion on it?
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sara2000Author Commented:
We have new vSphere infrastructure (storage, network etc)in the new site.
I am trying to figure out why I can not update the schema on the new Exchange server ?
from where you are trying to update schema?

the account used to extend schema must be member of schema admins group in addition to domain admins and enterprise admins of root domain ?

if you are extending schema from proposed exchange server, 1st you need to install AD RSAT tools on that server and then from elevated cmd you should run schema commands

Post output of error here
sara2000Author Commented:
I am using Domain admin account. Is not it domain admin is part of the Schema admin? RSAT tools installed on it .
No, domain admins is not part of schema admins unless explicitly added
you already have determined what problem you have and what is resolution without responding to my questions and analysis
I am moving out from this question, somebody else expert will help
sara2000Author Commented:
i think, domain admin is member of schema admin group?
Vidit BhardwajAdminCommented:
You need to run schema preparation from a server Windows machine which meets all the pre-prequisites and it is in the same AD site as your Schema master is, in same domain as your Schema master is, there is no harm in doing that from schema master DC only problem can be: if it holds other fmso roles your might need a reboot so you might need to transfer FSMo roles to other DC.

Enterprise admin will be needed
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
i think, domain admin is member of schema admin group?
No, it is not. Did you test it again after adding?
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