Hard Disk Drive Constantly working and noisy.

One of my harddrives is contantly working. I can hear it for hours on end. I defragged it and that didnt help. I cant see anything in resource monitor, only my C drive which is SSD so it's either my D or my E drive.

I had MS OneDrive on my D so I quit the program thinking that was it but the hard drive still continues to work.

I wouild like to figure out what is happening before it affects the health of my HD.
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JaredTCHAuthor Commented:
well, I found out my problem.

I have 1 SSD and 2 HDD in my PC. I unplugged one HDD (power and sata) and booted up. The sound of a working HDD persisted. So I plugged that drive back in and unplugged the other. Sound of a working HDD again persisted. So now Im confused.
So... I unplugged them both.

Sound persisted! What the...????

So I opened up MSI Afternburner and manually adjusted my MSI GTX1080 GPU's fan. I had set it to 100 the other day so I could benchmark. As soon as I dropped the fan down from 100,  the sound went away! So it's gotta be the bearings in the GPU fans?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
A decent hard drive should be near silent, so this one may be on its last legs.

Get the Hard Drive disk test from your manufacturer and run it. Does that indicate damage?  Probably.

Also run CHKDSK (no fix at this point). Does that expose bad sectors.
Open resmon again, open the disk section and wait a minute. Sort by total writes and make a screenshot and upload it.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The noise is mechanical, so if not the drive(s) because you unplugged them, then yes, internal fan bearings is the next candidate.
>>  A decent hard drive should be near silent, so this one may be on its last legs  <<  can be but i have a new 6 TB drive, and it makes a lot of noise !
and you were misleading us, since it was something else than the drives...
anyway, glad you found it - it points to the new systems do not like that you change the settings from auto to something else ...
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