VLAN and routing to the internet

I am putting together a new network with VLANS.

My Vlans are : -  

47 Routers 10.1.0.x
48 Servers  10.1.48.x
49 WorkStations 10.1.49.x
50 Printers 10.1.50.x
51 Network Management 10.1.51.x

I am using a Netgear M4100 as the core switch, and two other netgear switches.

My VLANS are working fine, and if I attach a network device in one switch and put it on and put another device in another switch and put it on the ping with now trouble at all.

I want to have two routers, one on Which will route traffic to the internet only and the other on which wil be used for a connection to another office.

On the core switch i have defined and
The default route is defined as

I can ping both routers from the vlans but I am unable to access the internet say ping

I have also added a static route on both routers of along with the default route of and then my wan gateway as my isp also provides me with a router which i have been given 5 external static ip addresses.

I have attached the running config of the cisco router

Any idea of why I can not connect to the internet via either of these routers.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Regards Andy
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Craig BeckCommented:
Can you provide a diagram?

The internet router needs a static for each subnet pointing back at the core switch (
The router needs a static default pointing to (which you have) and statics pointing the other subnets at the core switch.

Really you should use a dynamic routing protocol, such as OSPF.  You can then propagate all of your routes without statics, and push the default to each router.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
So on all equiment there is a default route to  or (i hope the latter)??
And you have a default route ON pointing to ?... why is de default  not pointing to the ISP router?
or are the systems in pointing to (which would be correct) if has the default pointing to

What does a traceroute show you?
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