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Word 2013 - How to Reset the Heading 1 Style back to the original factory settings.

How do I reset the Heading 1 style back to the factory default?
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I think you have to reset all styles back to default. Here is article describing that.

Alternatively, look at Heading 2 and make appropriate changes to Heading 1 to make it near what you wish.

There is really nothing magic about Styles.  Just make the Styles you want.
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Omar Soudani

"Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to open the Styles pane. Right-click the renamed Heading 1 and click the Delete item in the menu. Answer Yes to the prompt.

Because built-in heading styles such as Heading 1 cannot be truly deleted, Word will restore the style to its original name and definition. At the same time, every paragraph that had that style will be reformatted as Normal style, so you'll have to go through the document and reapply the Heading 1 style to them"
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HI John:
I have NO problem resetting all styles back to their original defaults.  As a matter of fact, I would love this.  I'm using Word 2013. When I right click my Heading 1, I can't delete the style.
Try working through this document below to see if you can correct your document.
You can also try resetting Word to default using this Microsoft How-To article. There is a Fix-It in the article.

I think (not certain) this may reset the file.
Hi John:
At this point I don't want to correct my document. I just want to revert Heading 1 or even all my styles back to the factory defaults.
How can I do that?
I'm using Word 2013.
I don't even care about my NORMAL.DOT
Try this article below

I am having difficulty finding a Word 2013 reference because many of us by now are using Word 2016.
That is the article I posted above.
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Paul Sauvé
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HI Paul:
I did rename it and I just restarted word and I don't see any new normal.dotm in that folder.  Just the ones that I renamed.
Oh.  For some reason the new NORMAL.DOTM just appeared.  What the heck was that?
If that is the case, uninstall Office 2013, restart and do a fresh install of Office 2013. Patch fully.
Oh.  For some reason the new NORMAL.DOTM just appeared.  What the heck was that?
if word does NOT find a NORMAL.DOTM in the folder %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates, then the default NORMAL.DOTM is re-created automatically!
That was it Paul!
Simple solution is the best solution..
good stuff - you're right, simple is best :-)