Ensure two dates fields in an oracle record are within certain range, so it will not insert records beyond these two dates. A safe guard.

I have table BatchRun.  that has two date fields  lastrun_date and newrun_date.
Is there a way so I can set up this table so that  it will not allow any inserts where the difference between the two dates is greater than 5 days?
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Alex [***Alex140181***]Software DeveloperCommented:
Depending on your needs, you could use a constraint:
alter table batchrun add constraint timediff check ((newrun_date - lastrun_date) < 6));

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or maybe put that check inside a before insert trigger and raise an exception... There are quite a few possibilities ;-)
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I would go with the constraint method above.

I was already working on the trigger solution so here it is in case you prefer it over the constraint:
create or replace trigger batchrun_date_check_trig
before insert on batchrun
for each row
 if :new.newrun_date-:new.lastrun_Date > 5 then
	raise_application_error(-20001, 'New date more than 5 days from last date.');
 end if;

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ALad2005Author Commented:
Thanks Alexander.   How would the trigger look for this case?
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ALad2005Author Commented:
Thanks Slighw you just answered my question to Alex
ALad2005Author Commented:
I having difficulity with both Trigger and Constraint.

I should not be allowed to change the dates if the difference between two date is  greater than 5..
and if another field on the same table called Job_name='Daily'
Other job names or ok.
I guess  I missed the second condition.
If you can help with both cases (Trig and Contraints)

Will my trigger look like this?
CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER batchrun_date_check_trig
   IF :new.job_name = 'JOB_AUTOREN' THEN
      IF :new.new_run_date - :new.last_run_Date > 5
         raise_application_error (
            'New date more than 5 days from last date.');
      END IF;
    END IF;

ALad2005Author Commented:
meant to say Job_name='Daily'
in new.job_name = 'JOB_AUTOREN' THEN
Alex [***Alex140181***]Software DeveloperCommented:
alter table batchrun add constraint timediff check (job_name <> 'Daily' or (job_name = 'Daily' and (newrun_date - lastrun_date) < 6)));

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Why two IFs?

If :new.new_run_date - :new.last_run_Date > 5 and :new.job_name != 'Daily' then

alter table tab1 add constraint timediff check ((newrun_date - lastrun_date) < 6 and job_name != 'Daily');
Alex [***Alex140181***]Software DeveloperCommented:
Other job names or ok.
That's why you'll need 2 parts.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:

Please confirm the original answer you selected wasn't correct.  I believe the statement Alex challenged was a typographical error.

Based on the actual code block you posted, I still don't believe you need an OR statement.
ALad2005Author Commented:
Thank you both of you. I value both Alex and Slighw's expert knowledge,
I got answer constraint solution first from  Alex and
 Trigger solution first from Slightw,
Of course I asked further questions and condition, and later we got  final constraint and triggers.
You guys helped me with this two ideas and I am further modifying these two solutions as need from users change.
Bottom line,  I am using both solutions in a different context and I am thankful to you both,
ALad2005Author Commented:
I am not sure how the point system is working,   but looks like I am no longer able to split awarding points.
Alex [***Alex140181***]Software DeveloperCommented:
I apologize for my rude behavior and I hope you can advance in your development process with our help.

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