Connecting to External drives on LAN

I have two WD external network drives on my local area network. They are directly connected to my network switch, and each is configured to connect to the same Windows local network name.

However, these devices recently became "hidden" and only by directly referencing them in Windows 10 FIle explorer do they become visible. For example, one is called \\SeltzerServer and it does not appear in the "Computer" section of "This PC". Months ago it did, as did the other drive. One does appear as a "Media Device" and also a "Storage" device. I have created a shortcut to one of the network shares, and that usually works, but there are several network shares, and I do not want to have to create a shortcut for each one.

What is hiding these two external drives? How can I get them to appear on a list of available "computers" like I used to have.
(as it happens, other computers are also not listed in the computer section, even though they used to be listed).

Thank you.
Lev SeltzerAsked:
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Easiest way out, without needing to find the reason for that behavior: don't use network drives, but simply two shortcuts
\\seltzerserver and \\someothername
You can click those and see all the shares. These can be put into the quick launch section.

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Lev SeltzerAuthor Commented:
That would probably be a reasonable work-around.
However, I would like to get my network recognizing itself and the devices connected to it. How can I do that?
Some devices rely on helper applications installed on the client - that could be the problem here. Are these installed and still functional?
Are these devices even configured to be recognizable? Sometimes people go through options and turn something off without knowing what it does exactly.
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Is network discovery still turned on, on the clients looking for the network drives natively or possibly the network drives are "undiscoverable" via a security feature on the external drives them selves.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
However, these devices recently became "hidden"
It could be a windows10 update issue.

Search for the particular build of Windows that caused the problem and include terms such as
Network Issue
network drive problem
Lev SeltzerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. I am going to leave this as is. I can still connect to the drives, but only by referencing them directly. Something must have changed in Windows, unfortunately.
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