Power is not enough

I want to buy a speaker to connect it to the Arduino and play some music. I've done some research and noticed that all speakers operate at least 2 W.

The Arduino offers a 5V voltage differential and 0.25 milliAmperes so machines work between 1,5*10^-4 W.

Which speakers do I have to use?
Max DestinyAsked:
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Martin MillerConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
You use the pre-amp to isolate the power issue with the Arduino. So the signal level is really low from the Arduino, and you get the boost from the external audio-pre-amp.
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
You can connect a separate audio pre-amp, you can use other power source and get a louder sound setup.
Max DestinyAuthor Commented:
wait so how am I going to control what sound the speakers plays?
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