Graphics cards with new Intel processors

Can graphics cards be used with Intel Kaby Lake-G MCM or do you have to use the AMD integrated on the chip graphics?

See here:,5536.html

Note:  Make sure and scroll down on the page for info on the processors.  It is after the barebones info.
RyanHelp DeskAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
A machine with Kaby Lake CPU can come with Intel Graphics.  My ThinkPad X1 Skylake has Intel graphics. X1 is on the list below.

Kaby Lake G with Intel Graphics here
Jason CarsonComputer TechnicianCommented:
You can usually disable the onboard graphics in the bios, then use your graphics card.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
That would be true if a Desktop, yes.   If a laptop, you would be constrained to the vendors offering and from what I read, it does not have to be AMD (but probably could be).
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RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
These new Intel chips contain both the processor and AMD graphics in the same chip.  I was wondering if this type of chip could be used with a graphics card in a desktop computer or if you had to use the AMD graphics that are combined with the processor.  This is not integrated graphics on the motherboard.  Please see the article.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I was wondering if this type of chip could be used with a graphics card in a desktop computer or if you had to use the AMD graphics that are combined with the processor.

That clarifies.  Only if the BIOS has a setting to allow you to turn off the graphics and use your own card. Otherwise, you have to take what is given.

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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
The CPU can power off the GPU to just use the Intel CPU's graphics so that *may* be exposed so you can turn it off in software which *may* allow a different graphics processor to be used. Bear in mind that there's only 8 PCIe lanes left over since the AMD chip uses the other 8 and that since the package is only available as a BGA it can't be used in a desktop although a flip-chip version could be released easy enough.

Most likely is that someone like Alienware will release a machine with both the Kaby Lake-G and another identical external GPU, not sure the bus for interconnecting the GPUs (previously crossfire) is exposed though.
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are very welcome and I was happy to help. Good luck if you choose one of these. My machines are too new for me to be changing at this point.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Completely wrong first post and reference to a "card" in the accepted answer which is also pretty unlikely for a mobile processor/GPU MCM.
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