Multiple variables in MS Access form field

On a Microsoft Access form field I can enter a PO number (ex. 123) that is looked up by a query with this code [Forms]![dates].[txtPOs] and it works fine but only if I enter a single PO number.

However if I enter multiple PO numbers in the form field it will never work, even if I enter the POs as "123 Or 124".  If I go directly into the query and paste "123 Or 124" in the PO field (in design view) it will work.
steve lemmonAsked:
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Arguments in queries accept only DATA.  The "OR" is a relational operator and is therefore part of the structure of a query.  If you want to create complex clauses, you must build the query on the fly using VBA.  So you would have a fixed string and a variable string that you concatenate.

strSQL = "Select * From YourTAble WHERE "

Then you can concatenate whatever where clause you want.  REMEMBER, you always have to repeat the field name so

fldA = 1 or 2 ------- is NOT VALID
fldA = 1 or fldA = 2   Is VALID

Or, you can make an In() clause

FldA IN(1, 2)

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steve lemmonAuthor Commented:
I didn't quite get your first option.  I'm not using a table to get the PO numbers, I'm using a form field.

I tried your second option using
WHERE PO.PO_No IN ([Forms]![dates].[txtPOs])
and it works if I only enter one PO number in the form field but if I enter more than one PO number then the query gives me no results.  I tried entering two numbers in the form field in many ways as shown below using all sorts of punctuation but to no avail:
51250 51355
51250, 51355
"51250" "51355"
'51250' '51355'
"51250", "51355"
'51250', '51355'
"51250" Or "51355"
'51250' Or '51355'
I'm not using a table to get the PO numbers, I
I didn't say you were.
Only DATA can be passed as an argument.  The quotes and commas separating them are NOT DATA.  You must build the WHOLE query using VBA.

Access is seeing your form field reference as:

"51250, 51355"

rather than

51250, 51355

Because it is expecting the argument to contain ONE AND ONLY one piece of data.

Look at the third example.  It builds a query and then uses it as the RecordSource for the form.
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