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I have been asked to document a process the credit check process in SAP.   Specifically a custom ABAP program called: "Z_ BYPASS _ ORDER _ CREDIT_ CHECK".
I am not very experienced in ABAP but I do have experience in programming in general with visual studio.

I would like to be able to debug this program and see what is happening but I am unable to do so (see screenshot below:).

My question:

1. Is it possible to for me to debug this "Z_ BYPASS _ ORDER _ CREDIT_ CHECK" routine? if so, how?

ThanksAbap - when trying to debug
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I had to do that myself recently, being someone calling the RFC module of someone else, and not being a ABAP programmer either.

Go into transaction SE37, and try to find the RFC module there. From the source view, you can set up a breakpoint for the current user. The RFC connnection needs to be made with the same user and IIRC ABAP_DEBUG=y. But usually it is sufficient to just run the function in SE37, entering the import parameters manually, and then single step thru the code.

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