running chrome as different user Batch or Powershell

i have a user that needs to run the chrome browser as another user.  I don't want her to have to remember the password for this user.  fyi... it is a windows domain.
I am open to using powershell or a batch file.

how would i write this in either.
fictitious information to use.
user is logged with user name    contoso\Janedoe

user needs to run chrome as contoso\johndoe  with a password of      Blueberry

i would also like for chrome to automatically open up the website

I basically need the user to have an icon somewhere that when she clicks on it.  it runs chrome as different domain credentials - hopefully without prompting her for credentials either.
Thanks guys
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RobertSystem AdminCommented:
I think the way I would do something like this is to use the Runas command and use the /savecred flag.
This will make it prompt for the password the first time then use the saved credentials after that.
Vince MabarySystems and Database AdministratorCommented:
Robert offers a good solution.  Might I ask, why?  It just seems strange that a user needs to access a webpage as another user (domain-wise).  Good luck!
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
thanks guys
runas cmd worked well
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