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Rohit Bajaj
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Whats the best psychotherapy that one has tried that has worked for Anxiety.
Also any suggestion on good books on Anger Management or something that one has tried and has worked.
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I would suggest seeing a medical professional is more appropriate than this forum.
Juana VillaFront-end Developer
I personally mediate and it has been helpful. I use the Headspace app and they have an anxiety pack where we focus on learning to let go. They have a free trial that you might be interested in before purchasing a membership. There is also another good meditation app called Calm that you might want to check out.

Meditation has been very helpful for me and I hope it will be for you too.

This is a video by Andy explaining how to deal with anxiety. Andy is the co-founder of Headspace.

I really encourage you to watch the videos on the Headspace Youtube page. They are super helpful to understand mediation and the concepts the app teaches.

This is an article about headspace and anxiety
I would suggest purchasing a punch bag and punching and kicking the heck out of it when you are about to blow a fuse.  Put a face photo of somebody who you dislike intensely, or who drives you to anger, on the punch bag and it should help immensely.  By the time you are finished you will be so burned out that you will no longer be able to feel angry or anxious.
Robert YoungChiropractor
Good mental health is extremely important for the healthy and happy life. If you are suffering from mental illness like anxiety, depression, eating disorder etc. It's not good for you as well as your loved ones.

You can do meditation, yoga, and other activity to overcome this depression. As you are looking for the best psychology therapies than just take a look at Oakville Physiotherapy. Here you will all the information about physiotherapy in details.
If you are talking about the best psychotherapy that works for anxiety then the first therapy that comes to our mind is the Bioflex laser therapy. It is also known as low-level laser therapy or light therapy. It is one of the best and effective treatments for soft tissues damage, arthritis, and sports injuries.

If you want to free from anxiety then personally I would suggest you to take this therapy.

You can get more information from this link

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