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using an array to input certain numbers in a listbox

im having trouble setting up this code, i have a file with a bunch of number in it, and its placed in my debug bin folder. i have 3 list boxes and i need to make 1 listbox have numbers 0-50, the second to have 51-75 and the third 75-100, how do i do that using an array.
bob saget
bob saget
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi Bob;

Before I could update your other question I was working on loading the ListBox's with the data. Here is that code.
Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

    '' Linq quert to read the data from the file and parse them into there groups
    '' Group 1 = 0 - 50
    '' Group 2 = 51 - 75
    '' Group 3 = 76 - 100
    Dim parseData = (From valStr As String In File.ReadAllLines("C:\Working Directory\scores.txt")
                     Let valInt = GetRange(valStr)
                     Group By valInt.Item1 Into Group
                     Select New With {
                        .Grouping = Group.First().valInt.Item1,
                        .Scores = Group.Select(Function(s) s.valInt.Item2).ToArray(),
                        .Count = Group.Count

    '' Place the values into the correct label control
    For Each g In parseData
        If g.Grouping = 1 Then
            '' Load the label with the results
            lbl0_50.Text = g.Count.ToString()
            '' Load the ListBox with the values
            lbG1.DataSource = g.Scores
        ElseIf g.Grouping = 2 Then
            lbl51_75.Text = g.Count.ToString()
            lbG2.DataSource = g.Scores
            lbl76_100.Text = g.Count.ToString()
            lbG3.DataSource = g.Scores
        End If

End Sub

'' Helper function to determin what group a score is in.
Private Function GetRange(ByVal inp As String) As Tuple(Of Integer, Integer)
    Dim itemGroup As Integer = -99
    Dim itemValue As Integer = -99
    Integer.TryParse(inp, itemValue)

    If itemValue >= 0 AndAlso itemValue <= 50 Then
        itemGroup = 1
    ElseIf itemValue >= 51 AndAlso itemValue <= 75 Then
        itemGroup = 2
        itemGroup = 3
    End If

    Return New Tuple(Of Integer, Integer)(itemGroup, itemValue)
End Function

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bob sagetAuthor Commented:
thx boss
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Not a problem Bob, glad to help.
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