loop through an array using letter

how do i loop through the array to put certain words that start with certain letters in a listbox, i have a file that is in my debug bin folder, and i have 3 listboxes.and i want to put the words that begin with the letter A-F into one list box, G-R into another list box, and the words that begin with S-Z in another listbox
bob sagetAsked:
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
You can get fancy changing A-F etc to ASCII codes but basically, it is something like this
Dim lines() As String = IO.File.ReadAllLines("words.txt")
For Each line As String In lines
    If line.StartsWith("A") Or line.StartsWith("B") Or line.StartsWith("C") Or line.StartsWith("D") Or line.StartsWith("E") Or line.StartsWith("F") Then
        'Add to the first list box
    Else If ...
    End If

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Also, check for blank lines, file do not exist, file is locked etc.

In ASCII A is 65 and 70 so you could have a condition
If Asc(line.Substring(1)) >= 65 And Asc(line.Substring(1)) <= 70 Then

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bob sagetAuthor Commented:
ohhhh ok, that makes more sense. thx boss😁
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