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Hello I'm trying to determine the information for my HDD.  I'm unable to remove HDD to physically check, I'm checking on a work computer.  I run wmic diskdrive get name,size,model,serialnumber.  On my personal laptop the cmd window with (blue background/green text) displays correctly, the work laptop (black cmd widnow) shows not much.
Wondering why? & how it can be fixed to do a more thorugh query of the disk information.
ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAsked:
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Vince MabarySystems and Database AdministratorCommented:
Your images describe the same information.  It seems that the Samsung SSD is providing a bit more detail in it's model description.  A quick lookup of the model number of the first image shows: Seagate Laptop Thin ST500LM021 500GB 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache SATA 6.0GB/s 2.5" Hard Drive on Newegg.com

The command will only display the information which is set in the description from the manufacturer.  Not sure if you can alter it to add details to that or not.  

Was there some piece of information difference between the two aside from the detail of Model information that you were expecting?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
+1 for Vince's comment - you only get out the information the manufacturer has placed in each location.
If you want something a bit more detailed try :
wmic diskdrive list /format:list :)
+2 for first comment,

I can't see any difference either except for the different colors. WMI is pretty good for what it does. if you want more info use the model number it gives to determine the correct hardware manufacturer's diagnostic tool to run.
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