Outlook.com email goes to Captcha and won't resolve

I can log into my account at Outlook.com. However, before I can click on anything, I go to a Captcha screen. Regardless of what is entered, I am redirected to a page that says "Sorry, Something Went Wrong".
I have been locked out of my email for 5 days now. Even clicking on 'verify your account' to see the message less often fails and takes me to the Sorry page.
I have tried four browsers, three computers on separate external IPs/locations, cleared and emptied all the caches, etc.
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pandafusionConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Resetting the password did not work (we verified against a cell phone successfully and reset successfully, but still had the same problem). However, when we upgraded to Outlook Premium and gave them a credit card, it apparently broke the Captcha loop and we were all good.
The problem may have just been with a bad Captcha server. personally, I think Microsoft owes us $100 :/

The account is currently on a 30 day trial. We'll try and cancel before the end of the 30 days and see if we end up in an ok place :)

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go to the Outlook.com login screen and click on Forgot Password. That will take you to a link where you enter your email address and then you get a password reset link. Follow that, reset your Outlook.com password and you should be able to get in.

You do not say if Windows 10 and you use a Microsoft email account for Windows 10. The above will change your Windows 10 Password if the same as Outlook.com.  

So please go carefully and write down what you do.
pandafusionAuthor Commented:
I am not sure why this gave John points.
My answer was correct.
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