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Migrating from 5 port Mikrotik switch with 2 vlans to an 8 port Mikrotik router. How to isolate ports

I just replaced a 5 port Mikrotik switch with an 8 port Mikrotik router. I thought I was buying a bigger switch and didn't realize it was a router.
The 5 port switch had a VLAN configuration which isolated ports 1, 2 and 3 on one vlan with 4 and 5 on another vlan. This was important because I needed the first vlan to connect to a different PPPoE server than the second one.
This thing is up on a remote hill and not real easy to get to.
I plugged in the router and now I have a flat network.
I am confused by the Mikrotik router user interface. There is a switch section that is separate from the interface section.
Can someone help me isolate these two sets of ports?
George Fendler
George Fendler
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Never used a Mikrotik before sounds exciting lol
can you post the model number of the router please, we can then have a look though the manual.
if this helps though.
you should have the ability to trunk ports/team ports 1-4 and 5-8 and then give the trunk interface the IP address of your desired networks.
enable routing and away you go.
but that's just a best guess I would need the model number to help fully.
George FendlerprogrammerAuthor Commented:
The router is a MikroTik CRS112-8P-4S-IN. The switch that it replaced was  was a Mikrotik Routerboard 260GS switch. I was expecting something like unplug, replug use the same config as the old switch. But the user interface is completely different. This thing looks like a  full-blown router.
while I look up your router and see whats what (hopefully others step in too )
look at the firmware version on the old one you might get lucky and it needs an update which then makes it look like the newer one, could make it easier for you to configure.
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according the manual default for the "MikroTik CRS112-8P-4S-IN" is its set up like a switch.. still reading.
ohh wow..
they pulled out all the stops in making the an awfully over complicated procedure.
once you get over them going out of their way to over complicate it, it "doesn't look the hard" but possibly is.
Vlan configs
it looks like a command line from 3Com days, I remember hating back then.
once you create your Vlan you treat them as an interface like you would on a layer 3 switch.
so Vlan 2 would be your PPPoE server ip address x.x.x.x and then Vlan 3.
reading the manual you have 12 ports maybe get a SFP if you haven't already and use port  9/10/11/12 for configurations.
hope I helped if even a little
George FendlerprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Stolsie,
The old one is an actual switch running switch firmware. The new one is a router running router firmware. I get the general idea of how to do this. I even found a description on the mikrotik forums. https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:CRS_examples#Summary
The device is up on a mountain top it is on solar power and manages about 90 users. It connects wirelessly to two backhaul sites on two different interfaces. I needed more than 5 ports because I added two more access points. So now I have 7 ports in use. three need to act like a switch and the other four need to act like a separate switch. I was hoping to find someone who has done this before because if I loose contact with the device, I have to go up on the mountain to fix it.
I have done very similar many times just not on the Kit you have.

like I said you really want to have one of the port that you use for management, running as it should. that way any changes you make wont affected your connection.
then you can do what ever you like on the 8 other ports.
i'm not sure what you mean by
"three need to act like a switch" > Trunked ports maybe or bonded I think your manufacture calls it could even be teamed all depends how the connected client is configured?
"four need to act like a separate switch" > so on the same Vlan and just as "access ports" or do you need native and tagged data?

thinking more about your device I would say its a Layer 3 Switch hybrid adding "Vlans" to a router would require making sub interfaces.
I suspect you are sending the Vlan IDs and information up the mountain  so ideally the only IP address you want on your new devise is for management. so untagged Management data and tagged Vlan 4-5.

also your place of work sounds like it has a bit of character and scenery all I got is buildings :|
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