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I am in a world of DNS Hurt

I am in a world of DNS Hurt

It started after I registered my new domain:

and used the same Domain Registrar BlueHost as my partner:

I then needed email accounts and used RackSpace to register 2 email accounts for

I pointed the MX records to RackSpace and they both worked, as expected.

I was not ready for a website of my own, and got the permission of my partner to point my domain at his site.

I tried various methods including a CNAME record, adding a WWW record, and finally got it to work.

I tried the email, but this time it failed.

I was told that the MX records of pointed to Zoho. So, I dropped RackSpace and used Zoho to host my two email addresses for

It seemed all to work.

Until it stopped working.

Since then, I have gotten the following block coming from somewhere...

User generated image

I can not even type the domain directly without blockage. But sometimes it does work.

So I proceed to click the "Agent Logon" button at the bottom and the page is blocked for the route:

I tried this from my iPhone, and it works. I tried in my three browsers on my Mac, and they all fail.

I used my Tablet, and that also was blocked.

What could be the problem?

Did my router get black-listed somewhere?

I accidentally tried my tablet using my home router, and it was blocked. When I then connected my tablet via the Mifi, it seems the Mifi IP was then also blocked.

What is going on? Is this BlueHost issue?

Is this a problem with the host for banccertified? Am I black listed?

I am shut out but I need to read a report on my partner's website. I will see how far I get on my iPhone, but really need some screen area.

I am totally perplexed!

I have cleared cookies, but it feels much bigger than that.



I find Chrome now works but fails on:

Also, my iPhone works but fails on :

Safaris does not work on
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Well, I need to get to work by accessing this domain...

is it down for you too?

Otherwise, feel free to resolve any problem you see, and in any sequence.
I am not sure that is a Bluehost IP,,  can you call them and confirm ?

Note Bluehost has decent technical support, if that is an IP address with them, then ask them to confirm your domain is added the cpanel.
Well, my plan for tomorrow is to spare myself from the torture. I swear, my domain forwarding to a domain they also host, causes mysterious processes to cause issues.

I spent 2 hours with their tech support today.

I will host a tiny (free) website at AWS and point my domain to that. Then, on my empty website, I'll place a 1 line index.html file which will forward to

Do you see any reason this will not work 100% of the time?

Any idea what that one line of code is?

I did this years ago, but forget the exact command...
attaches is the page which renders...

empty head, empty body
Here is how to redirect in html.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=" />
<title>Page Moved</title>
This page has moved. Click <a href="">here</a> to go to the new page.

Open in new window

Yes, that's an anchor. I want it automatic.

I want my index.html to never be seen.
And does the link resolve for you?
I get a blank page.
So, that means the site's down, right?

What else could it mean?

Thanks for checking.

How about that one line of HTML? I need that and am sure I once knew that line of code.
is this it?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=''" />
I still have no idea why Safari and my Tablet can not see

is it possible the site is in an unstable state?

Anyway, I will consider this a closed question. You helped calm me down and realize the /marketing page not loading was widespread, and not just my machine.