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how to create a query in Access that combines headings and a list of dates into a single table

I'm attaching a file with a list of headings and a set of dates. I used Power Query to assemble the Final Result sheet. This works fine. However I now have a scenario where I have to do  this for 5 years data and about 200 customers and it was exceeding Excel's capacity. My plan is to create the full version of this Final Results sheet but in Access. So how so I combine a file that has dates running from 1/1/2013 to 31/12/2018 with a file that has headings columns A to H (Starting point sheet) to generate what I have in the Final results sheet. Basically how do I create a query that combines these two data sets into a table (that I can then pull into a Powerpivot model - that's how I'm planning to go at the moment) .
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