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Understanding Standard Vswitches

Understanding Standard Vswitches

in the scenario where we have separate standard Vswitches as follows:

***on Vswitch0, there are only Vmotion Vmkernel port with VLAN ID 1135, and Vmkernel Management Network VLAND ID 1133

Vswitch0 has 2 Physical Network Adapters

***on Vswitch1 there are several VM Portgroups each VM Portgroup has a bunch of VMs and there is a Separate VLAN ID for each VM Portgroup

Vswitch1 has 2 Physical Network Adapters

***on Vswitch2, there are several VM Portgroups, no VLAN ID specified.
Vswitch 2 has no Physical Network Adapter.

Now are the Vswitches independant in Functions even if they are in the same ESX host? in other words will VMs from Vswitch1 and Vswitch2 be able to use the Vmkernel Vmotion on Vswitch0 to migrate to another ESX host?

regarding  Vswitch2 that does not have any Physical Network adapter, will its VMs be able to Migrate to a different ESX host using Vmkernel Vmotion on Switch0

Any clarification on this topic will be very much appreciated..

Thank you

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