Exchange 2013 DB Dirty Shutdown

Since this morning we can not recieve or send any mails anymore.
Invesigating the issue showed that the DB is not mounting as it is in a dirty shutdown mode.
After searching for an answer here i found the Eseutil /p command to repair the DB.
However, when i run this command the tool crashes and stops working the moment it wants to start the repair itself. (see attachement)

Any thoughts would be appreciated as this is a very urgent matter.
IT MeetjeslandAsked:
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Follow the steps here...  This gives the steps to repair after a dirty shutdown.


Backup the edb, logs, and stm files

Copy the priv.edb, pub.edb, logs and stm files to an other place.(backup to disk)



Make sure you have 110% Free Disk Space

Make sure you have 110% free diskspace from your database. Don´t use shares. you have to fix the priv.edb and pub.edb with the following steps:



Check your DB consistency

Make a consistency check on your db.

[ eseutil /mh „path of the priv.edb"] (eseutil /mh “c:\db\mailbox database.edb”)



Check the status,

it will be: dirty shutdown.



Try Softrepair

try softrepair:

[eseutil /r] – run it from database log folder and specify log chk file (c:\dblog>eseutil /r E00).

or specify following [eseutil /r "prefix"<E00> /l <log file location> /d <database location>]

Eseutil /r E00 /l c:\dblog /d c:\db



Check Consistency Again

after softrepair check consistency again.

if everything clear shutdown --> ok (go to step 9)



If Softrepair doens't work try hard repair (runs at about 3-5 Gig of data per hour)

if softrepair doesn´t work for you try hardrepair:

[eseutil /p], (Eseutil /p “mailbox database.edb”), Eseutil /p "c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb"



Defragment the DB (runs at about 3 to 5 Gig per hour)

defragmentation of db:

[eseutil /d] (Eseutil /d “mailbox database.edb”)

After running /d you must remove any log files in the MDBDATA folder before mounting the database.



Check DB Integrity

If we do not have time (runs at about 2 to 10 minutes per Gig of data) we can skip it after softrecovery.

check the integer of db:

[isinteg -s "servername" -test alltests]

if integer check fails, try [isinteg -s "servername" -fix -test -alltests] do this until all errors have level 0 or the status has no changes. (sometimes it takes 3 rounds to fix all errors )



Check Consistency Again

consistency check again.

[eseutil /mh] the result should be: clear shutdown.

Hopefully you've backed everything up before you started.

And speaking of are yours looking?
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Once you do get everything up and running, I suggest you create a new DB and move all of your mailboxes to this new DB and then get rid of the old one.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If you want to bring user quickly into production. You have two option:

1) Restore corrupt db from back. Pros: User will be back with data. Cons: Data will be missed since last backup. If you have PST, you can copy it.

2) Dial-tone recovery, in this you create dial-tone db. Pros: User will be back immediately. Cons: All mailbox will be empty. Later you need to recover data from backup and merge into user mailbox. or use 3rd party tool for extract data from edp to pst.

In my opinion option 1 is best for you. If no backup, then go for option 2.
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Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
  • What is your complete setup of this exchange environment - Single server or DAG?
  • What is the reason for Dirty Shutdown - check in logs and ESEUTIL /mh EDBfilepath

Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:
To fix dirty shutdown error:

  1. Restore corrupt database from backup.
  2. use eseutil utility
  3. Use Stellar Phoenix Mailbox exchange to repair corrupt exchange database.

Use following article to fix dirty shutdown error:
IT MeetjeslandAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott,

We have done all the steps explained on
We managed to get the DB in a clean shutdown state. And got it mounted. Then after 2 minutes it got into dirty shutdown state again...
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
Since various factor matter during " Dirty Shutdown Error " if all the error not fixed properly then Exchange user face the problem even after the using the manual command to fix shutdown error. You can Check this helpful blog for complete procedure to change the "Dirty Shutdown" State to " Healthy State" :
IT MeetjeslandAuthor Commented:

The DB is in a healthy state and mounted. But we can still not make connection from outlook. It says "limited connectivity" and mails are not coming in or going out.
We can login on OWA. It shows that we have unread mails but we can not see any mails (see attachement)
IT MeetjeslandAuthor Commented:
We can also access the mailbox properties of the users in the ECP. We have tried to move a mailbox to another database, but we keeping getting the error "Cannot save changes made to an item to store". We put the mailbox on unlimited storage, but it does not seem to help.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You have DB corruption issue, beyond repair. As I suggested, you need to restore from backup. I advise you to stick with Microsoft method for recovering data.

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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Agree with Amit...if you don't have a good backup, your data is gone.
Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
If DB goes to Dirty Shutdown again after recovery,

Do you have antivirus software installed on the server? and is it Exchange aware or just file level Antivirus?

if it is file level antivirus, do you have the exclusions set for Exchange folders?
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
If you are getting error "Connection to Microsoft is unavailable" then Go to Outlook Mail Setup remove the account and again configure with Exchange. If still, you get the same problem then "Database Corruption issue can be a reason for it.

To Recover back data from corrupt mailbox file you can try the Demo Version of Exchange Recovery Tool to repair the database and move to again Live Exchange Server. Demo Version can be downloaded from this helpful link: Exchange EDB Recovery Software
IT MeetjeslandAuthor Commented:
We where not allowed at first to restore from backup because the client was to afraid of data loss. Yesterday we got green light to restore from backup and everything works just fine now. The DB was indeed corrupted beyond repair.
But we still don't know the reason why it got like that.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
DB corruption is not that common in Exchange, but few factors contribute to db corruption.

1) Antivirus
2) Disk issue
3) Human error. like someone delete logs. Yes, I have seen admin corrupting database.
4) Exchange db design. This is one of the pain point for Microsoft and Microsoft is trying to get rid of it from long time. They tried to move to SQL also, but got a lot of back fire from clients. As no one is going to invest money in SQL license.
IT MeetjeslandAuthor Commented:
We had to restore the database from backup.
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