Reverse DNS zone requirement?

Do I really need a reverse DNS zone?  This place never had it on bind dns and worked ok for years.  and it did't create on AD Windows DNS either.
Do I really need to create that? and would it cause an issue if I don't.
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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:

From the perspective of Active Diretory, you don't need it (This is not required for AD, and you will not have issues because of it).

From other side, you can "optionally" install it. It could be required by other application that you might use and it can also help you to easily resolve IP addresses to names. Some examples are logs review, running simple tools like nslookup, etc.

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Tiras25Author Commented:
Got it.  So for troubleshooting purposes (nslookup , apps, etc.) it better to have it?
Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Yeap. (But no functional operation of AD will be affected if it is not there)
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Tiras25Author Commented:
got it.   can you point me example where and how uli dey it up?   the reverse zone.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
reverse zones are like normal zones, just they use:    (for for ex. 192.168.1 network).
the is mandatory, the prefix is the IP address  reversed (byte order). is the prefix for ipv6. There for each hex digit there is a dot.

Normaly they are hardly used, except that logging etc. tries to get a name with an ipaddress.
Looking up the IP address can delay various connect accepts (depending on program) somewhere between 30-60 seconds.
for each connect request.
So replying to reverse lookup queries with an valid answer might speed up things a lot.

In the SMPT/EMAIL arena (for MTA's) reverselookup has far stronger requirements,forward & reverselookup MUST match the name presented in the  HELO/EHLO packet and the source of the mail. If a mismatch or failure happens, the source is considdered spam.
Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
To add a reverse lookup zone:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools and then double-click DNS .
2. Optionally, if the server to which you want to add a reverse lookup zone does not appear in the list, right-click DNS , click Connect to Computer , and then follow the instructions to add the desired server.
3. To display the zones, click the server name.
4. Right-click the Reverse Lookup Zones folder, and click New Zone .
5. A zone configuration wizard appears. You can complete the online process and specify the network address associated with this
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